A Web-Based GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

A Web-Based GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution, Managing and monitoring your fleet can be a tall order, but having an intuitive GPS vehicle tracking solution, at your finger tips, can make your job much easier.

Why a web-based GPS vehicle tracking solution is a must:

The management and security of your fleet is a job that never sleeps. Having access to vehicle information and alerts at all times is a must. A web-based GPS vehicle tracking solution will alert you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere you have mobile or internet access. Alerts can be set to inform you about: excessive idling, scheduled vehicle maintenance, unauthorized use of a vehicle and much more. Reporting can also be accessed at anytime making vital information, dating back as far as 3 years, available to you around the clock.

Theft Prevention & Vehicle Recovery
In addition to helping you manage and monitor your fleet, a GPS vehicle tracking system proves very effective in the case of a vehicle theft. Having real-time information on the precise location of the vehicle makes it virtually impossible for a thief to succeed. Alerts can be set to inform you immediately if a theft should occur, enabling you to mitigate the problem quickly.

Unauthorized Use Alerts
Unauthorized vehicle use occurs most often during off hours. A web-based GPS vehicle tracking solution can alert you to such abuses in real-time. By utilizing this feature you can eliminate the occurrence of unauthorized vehicle use.

Remote Management
Even if you are not on site, a web-based GPS vehicle tracking system enables you to access the entire interface from any internet connection. Rest assured that even when you are not at work you can effectively manage your fleet.

Customer Sites
Many GPS vehicle tracking solutions offer customer interfaces that enable your customers to login and determine the location of their deliveries and when they can expect them to arrive. This technology is not only valuable to your customers but it saves you time and resources by reducing customer service calls.

Implementing this will help you in virtually every area of your fleet management responsibilities. The web-based interface will enable you to rest assured that your vehicles are secure, your fleet is operating efficiently and your customers are happy, no matter where you are.

Source:By James Windrow

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