Tips to Prevent Car Theft

Tips to Prevent Car Theft
Tips to Prevent Car Theft Safeguard your investment, follow the tips

Tips to Prevent Car Theft

It’s therefore crucial each and every one of us follow a couple of sensible rules and suggestions made by car dealers, police and vehicle tracking companies after buying a new or used car.<<

  • Never leave valuables in plain view in your motor vehicle, it’ll obviously increase the desirability of the car and even if the criminal doesn’t steal the entire car, they’re likely to smash the windows to gain access
  • Never hide a second set of car keys in the vehicle, they will inevitably be found in the case of a break-in. All thieves generally do a detailed search for any valuables and will be elated with their find. Remember your insurance company won’t be too inclined to pay out should your car be recovered by the police without any obvious signs of breaking and entering
  • Here in Cape Town we are obviously a lot more conscious of the rising tsunami of car theft and other crime but nearly 50% of vehicles stolen in the United States have been left unlocked whereas 18%-20% had their keys left in the ignition – not a smart move!
  • Always remember to close your car windows completely when leaving it unattended. It’s very easy to gain access when the windows are slightly ajar
  • It’s also a good idea to replace T-shaped door locks with straight locks. The T-shaped lock will aid and abet car thieves who are able to use a variety of tools, or even a piece of bent wire, to grab and pull the lock up
  • Tips to Prevent Car Theft

  • Park in well-lit areas where car guards abound. It’s been proven these men and women not only act as deterrents but, in the case of car theft, are valuable witnesses as well
  • Never leave your car running, even if you are gone for a couple of minutes. It’ll literally take thieves a split second to make off with your car and you can’t really expect petrol attendants or other observers to safeguard your property
  • After buying a new or used car ensure you have adequate safeguards in place. Although most insurance companies insist on immobilisers or gear locks, it could be a good idea to invest in vehicle tracking as well.

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