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Using Vehicle Tracking to Cut Costs

Using Vehicle Tracking to Cut Costs

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Using Vehicle Tracking to Cut Costs
For fleet managers, the installation of a vehicle tracking system into their fleet can lead to substantial cost savings and a more efficient fleet. The initial investment of a high quality system may be expensive, but GPS tracking can soon show a return on your investment by reducing excess mileage, preventing out-of-hours use and even saving on insurance premiums.<<

Using Vehicle Tracking to Cut Costs

Vehicle tracking systems are designed for tracking both vehicles and people. Although fleet managers may initially meet some resistance from fleet drivers concerning the introduction of a vehicle tracking system, if the advantages are explained carefully most fleet managers say that the installation of the system is then welcomed by hard working drivers. Those who are perhaps taking advantage of an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality will find that their actions are curbed, saving the company money as a result.

Using Vehicle Tracking to Cut Costs
One of the main benefits of having a vehicle tracking system installed into a fleet is the reduction in insurance premiums that it may generate. Because GPS tracking means that the location of the vehicle is constantly monitored, stolen vehicles can be recovered quickly, minimising the risk of excessive damage. Vehicle theft costs insurance companies millions of pounds in claims every year, and the cost to the individual business (particularly small operations) can be far higher through the interruption of normal business, paying for replacement vehicles and loss of customer confidence through delays and items lost in transit.

Using Vehicle Tracking to Cut Costs

GPS tracking uses a triangulation algorithm to locate a vehicle quickly and good tracking systems can even issue a silent alert if a vehicle is moved when it should be stationary. This alert can be instantly relayed to the Police with a co-ordinate location, allowing them to recover the vehicle quickly. Source By: Kent Stabler


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